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        Welcome to vokeneo official website!
        Enterprise products display window, team energy accumulation, display the stage of innovation, together Vokeneo, create a win-win!

        About Vokeneo

        Vokeneo Machinery Co., Ltd.Is a complete, scientific quality management system of woodworking machinery products specializing in the production of the company. Main products include: single-chip vertical sawing machine, high-speed automatic longitudinal sawing trimmer, multi-chip saw, double-sided planing machine, four-sided planing and other solid wood processing machinery. In addition, the company specializes in selling hot and cold press, row drill, push table saw, edge machine and other plate wood plus industrial machinery.
        We are based in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, service outlets all over the world
        The company has established a network covering all major cities and overseas distribution services, in addition to domestic sales, but also exported to Germany, the United States, Russia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, more than 40 countries and regions



        Manager Wang:13620825850

        Manager Li:13923224656

        Address:Shunde District of Foshan City, Guangdong Province
        Lunjiao Xi Chung Industrial Zone Long Wei Road on the 10th

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